Saturday, 9 January 2016

Confession of a shopaholic

I'm sitting here writing this blog in front of Confession of a shopaholic film which made me want to write a post about shopping and my confession.. I love shopping, I love buying and I especially love SALES. It's when you get that email and its massive 50% off sign shouts at you, you can't ignore it you have to click the link we're all guilty ! You browse and then you realise nah I don't need it but then you realise two days later you get enough email 70% off and your like YES BUY BUY BUY. Then you realise your broke after a 15 minute spree. 

I also feel like if theirs a sale I have to buy something but you don't unless you really wanted it or you need it don't be dragged in, try to control yourself. Remember Sale doesn't mean buy. 

I can't really advice too much as I'm sooo guilty but remember the more you save the bigger the shopping trip will be in the end that's my motto! Anyway if your feeling down go on a shopping trip with friends it will make you feel so much better after having a splurge. 

This is so random but just wanted to blog ! Hope the start off 2016 has went well for you. Remember don't be dragged in by sales, try to save, go shopping when down !

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